Help & Advice

You should have received a confirmation email once the appointment is booked. If you have not received one, please contact us and we will confirm.

Our clinic is well stocked with vaccines. On some rare occasions, there are manufacturer issues with particular vaccines – please call our team to confirm.

Our team will supply your with a record card of the vaccination you have at our clinic. If you misplace this, we have your record stored electronically which can be emailed to you.

Unlike some of our competitors, we do NOT charge a consultation fee.

Most vaccines can be given at the same time but some require multiple doses spread over days or even weeks – our clinicians will advise you at the appointment.

Whilst rare, vaccines can have side effects and our clinicians will advise you of them and the precautions to take.

If you experience any side effects, please call NHS 111 or call our clinic during our opening hours.

This depends on each individual vaccines – please contact our team for further advice.

We only take payment at the clinic and after you have had your vaccinations.

If you have a fever, you should wait before you feel better to have your vaccinations.

We can provide you with a replacement card if the original vaccination was done at our site. There is a replacement fee of £15 per record.

Our clinicians will check if the region you are travelling to is affected by malaria and we can provide the appropriate prophylaxis during your visit.

Our clinicians have the latest information available to them and will check if the country is in a Yellow Fever zone.

Once you have a vaccination, your body will produce antibodies so it would be beneficial to have some antibodies than none at all. Ideally, you should have the vaccination within the designated timeframe prior to departure.

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