Chicken Pox

Price : £70* per dose
No. of Doses : 2
Age : Adult and Junior (9 Months+)
Dose Interval : 1st Dose (12-15 Months), 2nd Dose (4-12 weeks depending on patient’s age)
Protection Length : Lifetime

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Chicken Pox: What You Need to Know

Chicken Pox is a viral infection that causes fever and an itchy rash with spots all over the body. It used to be common in children under age 12 however it is much rarer now, thanks to the varicella vaccine.

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Signs and Symptoms

The initial symptoms of Chicken Pox can begin anywhere from 1-2 days after catching it. Sufferers can experience the following common symptoms:

  • Rash / Red spots
  • Fever / High Temperature above 38C
  • Aches and Pains
  • Loss of Appetite


Chicken Pox is preventable by having a Varicella vaccination, it is usually given when kids are between 12 and 15 months old. They receive a booster shot for further protection at 4 to 6 years of age.

How effective is the chickenpox vaccine in preventing the disease?

The chickenpox vaccine is highly effective in preventing the disease. When individuals receive both recommended doses of the vaccine, it provides strong protection against chickenpox. Studies have shown that the vaccine is about 90% effective in preventing moderate to severe cases of chickenpox and close to 100% effective in preventing severe cases. Additionally, even if vaccinated individuals do contract chickenpox, they typically experience milder symptoms compared to those who haven’t been vaccinated. Overall, the chickenpox vaccine is a safe and effective way to protect against this contagious disease.


Japanese encephalitis manifests with symptoms like headaches, convulsions, encephalitis, and meningitis. While many individuals experience a mild illness with minimal or no symptoms, approximately 30% of those with severe cases may face lasting neurological issues, and an equal percentage succumb to the disease.

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