Price : £85 per dose
No. of Doses : 3
Age : Adult and Junior (1yr+)
Course Length : 21-28 Days, accelerated schedule is 7 days
Protection Length : 2-5 Years*


* Prices are subject to change due to current market availability – full price list

Rabies, a severe viral infection impacting the brain and nerves, is transmitted through the saliva of infected warm-blooded mammals. Typically, transmission occurs through bites or scratches, commonly from infected animals, notably dogs.

How is the Rabies vaccine given?

Administration of the rabies vaccine involves a series of injections, typically three doses distributed over 28 days.

In cases of time constraints, the schedule can be adjusted to 21 days or, in some instances, 7 days.

Most travelers won’t require booster doses; however, a one-time booster may be advised if traveling to a rabies-prone area after one year of the initial vaccination. For those at occupational risk, a booster after one year, followed by periodic boosters, may be necessary.

How well the rabies vaccine works and how long it lasts

The effectiveness and duration of the rabies vaccine: After completing three doses, approximately 95% of individuals gain some protection against rabies. The duration of this protection varies, typically lasting a minimum of 2 to 5* years. Individuals consistently at risk may require one or more booster doses to ensure continuous protection.

Signs and Symptoms

The initial symptoms of Rabies will usually develop after 3 to 12 weeks, although they can start sooner or much later than this. Sufferers can experience the following common symptoms:

  • Feeling anxious or generally unwell
  • Fever / High Temperature above 38c
  • Aches and Pains
  • Confusion or aggressive behaviour
  • Seeing or hearing things (Hallucinations)
  • Producing saliva or frothing at the mouth
  • Inability to move (Paralysis)


Rabies is preventable by having a course of 3 injections of the vaccine that will cover against Rabies. It is highly recommended for travellers travelling to high-risk areas who may be exposed to Rabies due to the limited access to post-exposure medical care.

*(dependent on individual circumstances)

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