Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever Vaccine Information

Yellow fever is a serious infection spread by mosquitoes which can potentially be life threatening.

Yellow Fever countries at risk

Yellow Fever is found across sub-Saharan Africa and South America.For further information and detailed country specific information please click on the following link below:

Signs and Symptoms

The initial symptoms of Yellow Fever can begin anywhere between 1-6 days after being bitten. Yellow Fever is divided into 2 phases, the acute and toxic phase. Around 15% of Yellow Fever suffers progress from the acute to toxic phase. Symptoms include:Acute Phase
  • Vomiting and lost appetite
  • Headache
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Fever
  • Nausea
Toxic Phase
  • Jaundice which is when the skin and eyes turn yellow
  • Liver and kidney failure
  • Bleeding form the nose, eyes, stomach
  • Death

Taking precautions from Yellow Fever

Being mosquito aware is very important, ensure you protect exposed skin with an insect repellent including a high concentration of DEET. Also sleep under a mosquito net, cover up yours skin especially when dark and stay clear of fresh water areas such as ponds and lakes, this is where insects breed.


Yellow Fever is preventable by having a vaccination, the vaccine contains a live, but weakened strain of the virus, which provides immunity against the infection for life. However in some cases the vaccination may fade, so you may need a booster after 10 years.
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